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First Buildings

By nuoroda

The “Promenade of Bridges” building group along the main street towards the lagoon. And the lagoon is the most beautiful when it’s calm. The houses are meant for short-term recreation and overnight. The rentable buildings could be owned by private investors or by KopaVilkas. Changing residents of these houses will provide dynamics and flexibility. More news coming soon.

Svencelė port

By nuoroda

We will navigate to Juodkrantė, Nida, or wherever the lagoon takes us. Or maybe just let the waves rock our boat while we enjoy the sun. Get a light tan – as much as the Lithuanian summer permits us – and let the breeze cool down our heads. We are starting to build one of the most difficult parts of our project – a 60sh place pontoon marina. A slip is planned with related infrastructure for servicing the boats. More news coming soon.

Fenas Kite Spot

By nuoroda

Here in Svencelė, we gather to launch our kites, put up tents and park our campers. On the shore, we welcome the careless, breezy happy-go-lucky’s who spend their time as they please. We promise you, there’ll be water up to your knees. But there’s still a parking lot to keep some sense of order. Would you like to stay on our camping ground? – contact us at More on this Spot coming soon.

Detailed Plan

By nuoroda

The initial steps for establishing a settlement on the shore of the lagoon. A destination for active tourism – not just a spot for those who enjoy extreme sports but also a port for boats, a system of water canals and accommodation infrastructure designed based on the experience of the Netherlands, accentuating the natural qualities of the Curonian Lagoon region, with modern and sustainable architecture.