Fenas Kite Spot

By | nuoroda

Here in Svencelė, we gather to launch our kites, put up tents and park our campers. On the shore, we welcome the careless, breezy happy-go-lucky’s who spend their time as they please. We promise you, there’ll be water up to your knees. But there’s still a parking lot to keep some sense of order. Would you like to stay on our camping ground? – contact us at More on this Spot coming soon.

Detailed Plan

By | nuoroda

The initial steps for establishing a settlement on the shore of the lagoon. A destination for active tourism – not just a spot for those who enjoy extreme sports but also a port for boats, a system of water canals and accommodation infrastructure designed based on the experience of the Netherlands, accentuating the natural qualities of the Curonian Lagoon region, with modern and sustainable architecture.