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Our Goal

To give your soul homes in Svencelė. In relation with wind and water we are building recreational infrastructure, where you can find your identity. From our own yard, past the gateway of the port, we will dash across the waters of the lagoon; build a community and gang-like relationships. Sail and kiteboard.

Our Projects


First Buildings

The “Promenade of Bridges” building group along the main street towards the lagoon. And the lagoon is the most beautiful when it’s calm. The houses are meant for short-term recreation…

Svencelė port

We will navigate to Juodkrantė, Nida, or wherever the lagoon takes us. Or maybe just let the waves rock our boat while we enjoy the sun. Get a light tan…

Fenas Kite Spot

Here in Svencelė, we gather to launch our kites, put up tents and park our campers. On the shore, we welcome the careless, breezy happy-go-lucky’s who spend their time as…
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Yacht Club

This will be the main hub: a place to eat, get a hydro-suit, dock with your yacht, find a place to stay for a while where you don’t have to…
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Canal Homes

For waterfront living on the central island. We will reach our homes from the Curonian Lagoon, through the port and by the canals. The canal system is the main element…

Detailed Plan

The initial steps for establishing a settlement on the shore of the lagoon. A destination for active tourism - not just a spot for those who enjoy extreme sports but…

About Us

The idea for a unique place in Lithuania, a settlement of houses connected by a canal system in Svencelė, on the shore of the lagoon has been developed from 2005. We have already gone through several stages, from environmental analysis, getting the Detailed Plan approved, to establishing the Kite Spot – a small shipping container town. The initiators and investors of the project are fans of the area, born and raised here. Our wish to not only tidy up the shore of the Curonian Lagoon but to also develop seaside and invest into new infrastructure for waterfront living. That resulted the birth of UAB Kopa Vilkui on 25 July 2017, which now develops a territory of over 8 ha in Svencelė.

Special thanks to:
Architect Andrė Baldišiūtė, UAB Do Architects
Project coordinator Lukas Rekevičius, UAB Aketuri Architektai
Project manager Margarita Ramanauskienė, UAB Klaipėdos Projektas
Vice-rector, Dr Saulius Gulbinskas, Baltic Coastal Research and Planning Institute

And lots of other great people.
Without the authors, creators and kiteboarders, this place would not be what it is now – so thank you!


Our goal –
give your soul homes in Svencelė.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in our projects and work in Svencelė, have ideas to share, would like to invest or join our team, drop us a line at:

UAB “Kopa vilkui”
Office: Bangų g. 9, Dreverna 96240
Project address: Svencelės g. 53, Svencelės k., Klaipėdos r.sav.
T +370 658 58580